At Mont Blanc Salus, the process by which I plan your sessions is as individual as you.  Each step of the therapy process is built around you personally, taking into consideration the issues you are looking to resolve, your goals, your personality and what will work best for you along the way.  My treatment plans are always agreed on together.  I endeavour to take mindful approach to developing sessions with you, tailored to your needs and your goals.   It is therefore impossible to set out here exactly what your treatment will look like.  However, below you will find a basic outline of the basic structure you can expect your course of therapy to take.

Our First Meeting

I offer a free, commitment-free 20 minute initial session.  This is a chance for you to meet with me to discuss any questions, queries or fears you might have.  It provides the opportunity for me to get a brief feel for what is impacting your life and how.  It also allows me to discuss with you what you want to work towards as your end-goal(s).  It’s also a very important opportunity for you to meet with me face-to-face.  You’ll be able to get a feel for whether you will be comfortable working with me.  I can’t stress enough how much you should feel able to develop an open, trusting relationship with any therapist you work with.  It’s likely to be the case that we’re going to have to discuss some difficult things and your ability to be able to be open and honest with me is key to this.   All of these (and so many more) are important factors for you to consider before deciding whether you are ready to embark on your journey through therapy with me.

Initial Consultation – Duration 90 Minutes

If you decide that you do want to embark on your journey through therapy with me, the in-depth initial consultation chance for us to really get to know each other. I will need to ask you a variety of questions to enable me to clearly understand in detail what the particular issues are.  We will usually need to look at your medical history, and talk about any previous experience of therapy you might have.  Perhaps most importantly, we’ll need to talk about what you’d like to get out of our time together.

This information amongst other things, will allow me to develop your individual, coherent, targeted plan, of action which will be specific to you and your needs and aims.  We will discuss this in the session and you will have the opportunity to raise any questions, queries or concerns you might have before we agree it.  We’ll aim to agree the number of sessions you’ll need, as well as their frequency (which will depend on a variety of factors).  Often 4 to 6 sessions is enough, some issues can be resolved quicker, other, more complex issues take much longer.  There are no hard and fast rules as to how many sessions you’ll need – remember you are completely unique, with very individual needs and goals.  It is important therefore to remember that this treatment plan is entirely flexible and will be continually reviewed with you to ensure that your needs are properly met.  It’s main aim is to provide a framework to set you on your path to achieving your goals whatever they are.

Towards the end of the session (and providing we still have sufficient time), I will aim to do your first hypnosis with you.  This is very often a relaxation-based hypnosis (although it can vary depending on the issues).  It will last for around 15 minutes and I will record it so that you can take it with you and listen to it in between sessions.

Often clients find that even after just this session they feel a little lighter, as though a weight has been lifted.  Just by acknowledging the “elephant in the room” and talking about it, it can feel as though progress is already being made.  You will leave safe in the knowledge that you have taken a positive step in the right direction.  You have already started on the path towards achieving your goals, and resolving any negative issues you have come to me with.

Your Individual Treatment Sessions – 60 Minutes per Session

In order to keep momentum up and progress building and obvious, weekly sessions are usually suggested.  However, I will aim to adapt your treatment plan to fit your needs and your lifestyle.  All I ask of you is a commitment to attend your appointments punctually and for you to maintain the motivation and desire to change.

It’s difficult to set out here how your individual sessions might be mapped out, as they vary so much from person to person, issue to issue and your progress along the way.  Usually however, they will involve reviewing your progress to date, reviewing any homework tasks set, an element of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, some psycho-education, and a hypnosis which each time will be recorded for you to take with you.

At the point where you feel you have your issues under control and that you are able to manage what was once negatively impacting, controlling or limiting your life, we will bring your sessions to a close.  I do however remain available to you for as long as you need me.

Your Final Session – 30-60 Minutes

When you decide that you are ready to leave your therapy journey with me, I usually aim to have one final session.  During this session we will review all of the work that we have done together and highlight all of the new things you now have in your “tool-box” to help you manage things going forward.  We will put into place an effective “relapse-prevention” strategy (i.e. what to do if you feel that the issues you came to me with start to creep back in.  This aims to provide you with what you need to become your own therapist.  The idea being that you can go forward and happily live your life, safe in the knowledge that you can manage things on your own!

Your Relationship with Me

It’s absolutely key to you therapy that we are able to develop an open trusting relationship from the outset.  It should be one in which you can feel comfortable enough to discuss whatever it is we need to discuss openly and honestly.  You should bear this in mind from the first time we meet!  We will be discussing some deeply personal matters.   Laying the foundation for an open, trusting relationship to be developed between you and me is therefore vital.  I can assure you that what we discuss in your therapy (subject to some rare exceptions (which we will discuss in your initial consultation) is 100% confidential (this includes any notes I take or information I keep on record).  It’s perhaps useful for you to know that I am bound by and a signatory to, a set of ethics.  I will never discuss or refer to your therapy with a third party unless it was required as above in and otherwise not without your express permission.

Contact me today for a free 20 minute face-to-face meeting or to arrange your in-depth 90 minute initial consultation.