Inadequate sleep can reduce your energy and productivity, lower your immunity, and make you more prone to irritability, mistakes and accidents, as well as weight gain.  It doesn’t just affect people’s sleep at night, but also their quality of life during the day.  According to studies, one-third to one-half of all Americans have insomnia.  According to  a recent study in the UK, 51.3% of Brits struggle to get a good night’s sleep.  The Great British Sleep Survey reports that women are three times more lively to suffer than men, with a massive 75% reporting problems, compared to 25% of men.  The survey suggests that the nation’s health is suffering as a result of insomnia.  It seems that getting a good night’s sleep has never been so difficult!  Insomnia takes two forms.  The first type of insomnia, involves people have difficulty falling asleep.  With the second type of insomnia, people have trouble staying asleep; they may fall asleep easily, but wake up in the middle of the night, and are unable to get back to sleep.

Sleeping pills, either over-the-counter or by prescription, are a commonly chosen remedy.  However, with long-term use, some barbiturate-based sleeping pills are potentially addictive.  They can leave you struggling to get going in the morning, feeling groggy or bleary eyed and even non-habit forming sleeping pills may carry side-effects or cause allergic reactions.

Hypnotherapy is a very good alternative to sleeping pills as it can help you to develop deep relaxation, clear your mind, and manage stress more effectively so that you can get a good night’s sleep.

Its important to analyse the possible causes of your insomnia and to develop a good night time routine all of which we will do during your treatment, then we can focus on teaching you good relaxation techniques and I’ll give you the skills to better cope with any underlying stress or anxiety which might be preventing you from getting a restful night’s sleep.

How I Treat Insomnia

I use a tailor-made skills-based approach to target the specific cause of your insomnia.  Perhaps it’s borne out of a specific stress or anxiety you are suffering with.  During our sessions, I will teach you how to implement good sleep “hygiene” (how to implement, manage and maintain a good bedtime routine which works for you and promotes a restful night’s sleep).  I will provide you with the right tools to help alleviate night time worries or a racing mind which can delay the onset of sleep or interrupt a restful night.  I will teach you not only relaxation and visualisation techniques but also mindfulness to help you get control of your mind and take charge of your sleep.  I will help you to establish a working model of useful techniques to use to fundamentally, positively and permanently change the way you behave, think, act and react when you’re outside of the therapy room.  My aim is to equip you with the skills and techniques to improve your stress management both during your on-going treatment and perhaps more importantly in the more longer term after you leave treatment.

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