Whatever anxiety related issue you are experiencing, I will tailor a treatment plan appropriate to you, your issues, your ethos and principles and, ultimately your end goals.  This treatment plan will be as individual as you are.  However, generally speaking, the treatment plan will involve the following elements:

  • We will first identify the existing causes of your anxiety, establish where these thoughts and feelings may have been derived from in the past and look at the ways in which you currently cope with or manage your anxiety.
  • I use a skills-based approach.  During our sessions, I will teach you not only relaxation and visualisation techniques, assertiveness and confidence training but also mindfulness.
  • You will learn how to positively identify and challenge your anxious thoughts as they arise.  This is a positive way to establish a good pattern to help you self-monitor and to establish a working model of useful techniques to use to fundamentally, positively and permanently change the way you behave, think, act and react.  Something you will learn to master in the treatment room and but also beyond, outside the therapy room.
  • Where appropriate we may use some imagination-based exposure and desensitisation techniques to get you to face your fears in the therapy room.
  • You will likely learn how to improve your relationships, improve your confidence and boost your self esteem.  You will become more positive, assertive and self assured, confident in your own ability to deal with the thoughts, feelings and situations which you currently struggle with, not allowing fear or anxiety to take over or negatively impact your life.
  • We may use a combination of “Applied Relaxation” and “Cognitive Behavioural Therapy” as this is considered to be one of the most effective therapies to combat anxiety of any kind and provide you with a positive mind-set, able to live life to the fullest, free of worries.  By combining both these techniques and adding in the element of hypnosis, I will help guide you to the path to success, using the most effective and relevant approach to overcoming your anxiety, enabling you to live a much more positive and fulfilled life.
  • Ultimately, my aim is to equip you with the skills and techniques to improve your ability to positively cope in any anxiety provoking situation so that you can move confidently forward in your life beyond therapy.

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